OctConf 2018 Notes

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JWE Project Ideas

JWE has a list of projects that are either things he would work on if he had time or things that he would like to see in Octave.

Topics for Discussion

  • GSoC
  • Matlab-compaatible String Arrays
  • Code Review Methods
  • Release Frequency
  • Refactoring
  • Developer Docs
  • OctConf 2019
  • Symbol Naming
  • C++ Interface Stability and Usability
  • Test Coverage
  • Performance Measurements
  • Octave Forge Community
  • Including Some Widely Used Packages in Core Octave
  • Build System Issues

Things to Do

  • GSoC Merge Code Sprint
  • Image Package Release
  • Test Suite
  • Polygon Reconstruction
  • Stable Release
  • Summary of Activity to Mailing List (every day)