OctConf 2015/Key signing party

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Add you name, e-mail and key fingerprint (gpg --fingerprint username@your.email). You will need an ID with a photo.

Name E-mail Key fingerprint
Juan Pablo Carbajal ajuanpi@gmail.com 1F66 9D76 26F4 DA80 2426 217F 0005 CC77 9C5B 72BF
Sebastian Schöps sebastian@schoeps.org A8DD 076E 7E3D 381C 26FF C7E7 3758 CC13 D954 FDA5
Mike Miller mtmiller@debian.org 9307 5003 5A15 E27C 3830 7407 28FA 801A 43BD D637
Andreas Weber andy.weber.aw@gmail.com 7DFA 6032 AA47 58FE 8DC2 60A1 F388 1A03 3C86 4E6D
Daniel Kraft d@domob.eu 1142 850E 6DFF 65BA 63D6 88A8 B249 2AC4 A733 0737
Alexander Krimm alex@wirew0rm.de 0FFE B9EE A9C0 4B76 49F1 20C5 94C7 A67E 855E 9568