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Boolean operations with polygons

Developer: Piyush Jain

Mentor: JuanPi Carbajal


  1. Implement a set of boolean operations and supporting function for acting on polygons.
  2. These include the standard set of potential operations such as union/OR, intersection/AND, difference/subtraction, and exclusiveor/XOR. 
  3. Other things to be implemented are the following functions: polybool, ispolycw, poly2ccw, poly2cw, poly2fv, polyjoin, and polysplit.


  • Mentor:
  • Developer:
 1. Incorporating Clipper native oct interface instead of mex.
 2. Adding new algorithm as per the paper of F. Martínez, A.J. Rueda, F.R. Feito



  • Task 0:
 Benchmark Piyush polygon union written as an .oct file against the current .mex interface to clipper in geometry 3.0

If task 0 shows bad performance of mex, then

1. Clipper native oct interface instead of mex

if mex is ok

1. Add F. Martínez, A.J. Rueda, F.R. Feito algorithm

2. Salvage work from last GSoC


  • Add CGAL interface for poly clipping


  • On benchmarking the polyunion function in oct interface vs the mex interface, it is found that oct interface had twice as better performance as mex. As it doesn't ensure much advantage, it is not worthed to rewrite the package with oct.

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