Dicom package

The dicom package is part of the Octave Forge project. The package is currently maintained by John Donoghue.

What is the aim of this package?Edit

Digital communications in medicine (DICOM) is an information standard. Originally created for image transfer, the standard now deals with an large range of medical data. See http://medical.nema.org/ for more info.

This package provides functions to read and write DICOM files. The functions in the package are intended to have similar usage as the dicom functions in the Matlab Image Processing Toolbox. In Octave they are separate: most image package users will not use dicom, and its dependency might be considered troublesome.


package requirementsEdit

The dicom package requires the [GDCM] libraries and include files to be installed in order to compile.

for fedora: yum install gdcm-devel

for ubuntu: apt install libgdcm-dev

octave installationEdit

From octave commmand line:

>> pkg install -forge dicom

Using itEdit

Load it before any usage:

>> pkg load dicom


The following functions are available:

  • dicomdict (load different dict - file follows same format as Matlab's)
  • dicominfo (load metadata into octave struct)
  • dicomdisp (Display the structure of a dicom file)
  • dicomlookup (keyword <-> tag)
  • dicomread (load pixel data, 2D or 3D int types. Does not yield colormaps, yet.)
  • dicomwrite (write pixel data to a DICOM format file)
  • dicomuid (generate a DICOM unique id)
  • isdicom (verify if a file is a DICOM formatted file)
  • dicomanon(anonomize a file)
  • dicomfind(find an attribute in a file or dicom struct)
  • dicomupdate(Update an attribute value in a dicom struct)

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