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Since compilation of all the source from scratch can take long it is good to have a source folder where most of the source has been compiled. To do this ...


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Regenerate the scripts
  3. Configure

Basic debugging processes

Error & trace the stack

Tools for debugging


To start Octave under gdb use the script run-octave at the top level of the source tree and run it with the command-line option -g like this

cd /octave/source/tree ./run-octave -g

Most used commands

gdb documentation


In short:

To start Octave in debug mode within emacs type

M-x gud-gdb

then change the command in the minibuffer to

Run gud-gdb (like this): /path/to/octave/source/tree/run-octave -gud

For more info use this link to the emacs manual section on debuggers operation


gui for gdb