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This Octave Forge has currently no maintainer and is known to nor well anymore.


There's another package called osdbi that is released under the BSD license that I was able to make work, but only for sqlite3. You can find it here: (seems to have moved to as of 20160527) JRiedy the author will answer emails. I use it on OS X 10.6 and octave 3.4.0. Also on 10.5.8 but no luck on 10.7


After some hours trying to connect to postgresql, I am geting convinced there is currently no DB connection to postgresql DB from octave. Indeed, there is a very nice small code for mkoctfile:

But, I found there is no longer a libpq++ in postgresql ( Anyone knows if there is a libpqxx interface (I found nothing on google)? In another approach, maybe "extern C" can be used to reimplement a libpq (standard C) based oct of Dirk Eddelbuettel's code?

Embedded SQL

A feature request was open on the tracker to include it as a package.


  • mex-sqlite3 – An extension for MATLAB® or GNU/octave to access sqlite3 databases
  • octave-sqlite - sqlite3 wrapper as an .oct file for GNU/Octave


MySQL / MariaDB