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This page is meant to organize and report the efforts to improve pkg.m



Remove -global and -local flags

  • Those flags are currently ignored internally anyways so they should disappear


  • Carnë has already a changeset for this

Allow packages to deprecate functions

  • Create a system that allows packages to deprecate functions as in core. Possibilities are:
    • Get pkg to accept a deprecated directory inside the package and add it to the search path. Functions in those directories would have to be treated the same as the ones inside the core deprecated
    • PKG_ADD can be used to hack this. Package developers would still have to actually write the warnings on the function code but this would allow to have the functions in a separate directory so they don't foget to remove them on the next release
    • The package developer can also use something like Make to create a normal package from something that actually had a more complex structure, inclusive deprecated directories


Resolve packages dependencies automatically. Download and install

  • Get pkg to resolve dependencies automatically by downloading and installing them too.


Allow download and install of multiple versions of the same package


Make pkg.m more verbose by default

  • make the package just a bit more verbose by default


Support for more than one src directory(?)


Accept make flags

  • make pkg able to supply extra configure and make flags, useful for distributions, including -j for make


Remove auto option


Allow installation from given url

  • Accept -url <url> to install files and packages directly from the web