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* [[User:andy1978|Andreas Weber]] (andy1978)
* [[User:andy1978|Andreas Weber]] (andy1978)
* [[User:cdf|Carlo de Falco]] (cdf)
* [[User:cdf|Carlo de Falco]] (cdf)

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The worldwide Octave community will be holding a code sprint this December.

When1: December 12th, 14:00 UTC.

When2: Darmstadt (15:00), London (14:00), Philadelphia (09:00), San Francisco (06:00)

Where: Octave IRC channel, #octave. See IRC.

A code sprint is an opportunity for programmers to get together for both coding and socializing. We will have some goals, the sprint topics shown below, to guide our sprint, but anyone is welcome to hang out and work on their own special topic. There will be multiple Octave Maintainers attending so this is also a good chance to get introduced to the Octave code base and how to make patches for it. In order to contribute you should have installed Mercurial, fetched the development sources, and have successfully built your own local copy of Octave. See Getting Involved.

Sprint Topics

  1. Refactor C++ code that uses print_usage() to resemble m-files
  2. Add BIST tests for octave functions written in C++
  3. Remove class of function from documentation strings
  4. Move some ODE package functions from Octave-Forge to core
  5. Refactor C++ code to eliminate useless return statements after error()
  6. Refactor C++ code to use ovl() when returning multiple values