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General information about building the Octave source for different operating systems.

We try to keep build instructions up to date in the source tree. Please clone using Mercurial or download it to see the README.

There are also instructions in the manual.

There is a page for Debian/Ubuntu users here.


Not critical  
Task Name Usage Debian Level
Build tools C++, C, and Fortran compilers Compiling the source code build-essential  
GNU Make Makefile processor make
AWK, sed, and other Unix utilities Miscellaneous tasks awk, sed, ...
Bison Parser generator bison
Flex Lexical analyzer flex
Autoconf Software configuration autoconf
Automake Makefile generator automake
Libtool Dependency of automake libtool
External tools BLAS Basic Linear Algebra Subroutine library libatlas-base-dev
LAPACK Linear Algebra Package liblapack-dev
PCRE Perl Compatible Regular Expression library libpcre3-dev
GNU Readline Command-line editing library libreadline-dev
ARPACK Solution of large-scale eigenvalue problems libarpack2-dev
cURL Library for transferring data with URL syntax curl
FFTW3 Library for computing discrete Fourier transforms libfftw3-dev
FLTK Portable GUI toolkit libfltk1.3-dev
fontconfig Library for configuring and customizing font access fontconfig
FreeType Portable font engine libfreetype6-dev
GLPK GNU Linear Programming Kit libglpk-dev
gnuplot Interactive graphics program gnuplot
GraphicsMagick++ Image processing library libgraphicsmagick++1-dev
HDF5 Library for manipulating portable data files libhdf5-dev
OpenGL API for portable 2D and 3D graphics -
Qhull Computational geometry library libqhull-dev
QRUPDATE QR factorization updating library libqrupdate-dev
SuiteSparse Sparse matrix factorization library libsuitesparse-dev
zlib Data compression library zlib1g-dev