Bug Fix List - 3.8 Release

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The following bugs must be fixed prior to release. See also the Release 3.8 goals.


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to cross an item off the list when it has been done. Sign up for a bug by filling in the Owner field so people won't duplicate each other's work.

Bugs with severity >= 4

  • Owner:??? #39243 patch {x,y,z,c}data properties are not independent
  • Owner:jwe #33304 power operator precedence and direction

Bugs marked as regressions

  • Owner:??? #39925 imagesc crash Plotting with OpenGL
  • Owner:??? #39586 Assertion failure with profexplore valid use: Assertion `fcn_id == fcn' failed.
  • Owner:??? #39524 m-file profiler returning inaccurate first line
  • Owner:??? #38236 invoking script in demo block to define variables causes errors
  • Owner:??? #37672 GUI doesn't react to CTRL+C
  • Owner:??? #37410 image.m has a wrong check for linearly-spaced x and y
  • Owner:??? #31287 Certain assignments of empty arrays give errors (Matlab incompatibility)

Bugs marked as Crash

It would be nice to fix these, but they don't require resolution before the release.

  • Owner:??? #40220 Octave crashes when trying to print a figure to a file using fltk toolkit
  • Owner:??? #40121 Using dbquit from within a callback causes a segfault
  • Owner:??? #40068 Crashing when calling imread
  • Owner:??? #40044 *** glibc detected *** gnuplot: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x08d72878 ***
  • Owner:??? #39586 Assertion failure with profexplore valid use: Assertion `fcn_id == fcn' failed.
  • Owner:??? #39273 lu SIGSEGV when used with 2 output variables with --enable-64
  • Owner:??? #38789 segfault on exit after failing to load HDF5 file
  • Owner:??? #38616 memory leak in regexprep
  • Owner:??? #38584 setting linestyle to "none" for fill object causes error
  • Owner:??? #38305 file dialog causes crash
  • Owner:??? #38280 imfinfo() crashes on 64 bit, but not 32 bit builds
  • Owner:??? #37928 GUI crashes with french locale
  • Owner:??? #37927 set (gcf, "parent", gcf) -> seg-fault
  • Owner:??? #37750 segfault with 'set(gca, "parent", gca)'
  • Owner:??? #37655 MinGW: Delete key causes Octave to exit
  • Owner:??? #37344 GUI Octave freezes when plotting is used with OpenBLAS
  • Owner:??? #37205 running tests with valgrind: possible memory issues and segfault
  • Owner:??? #36067 bug in exist() when checking for a faulty mex/oct file
  • Owner:??? #35857 crash with units = normalized
  • Owner:??? #35687 crash with axes("position", [])
  • Owner:??? #33296 calling "keyboard" function through "builtin" function appears to enter in an infinite loop
  • Owner:??? #32176 infinite loop if PS1 contains deleted current directory