6.3 Release Checklist

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Timeline (tentative)
Please use <strike> </strike> to mark items below as done.


Updates for gnulib [edit]

For bug-fixing releases, changes to gnulib should only be done to fix known serious problems. There were none for 6.3.

Bugs that should be fixed before the release[edit]


Review documentation[edit]

The following is all we should need to do for a minor release.

  • Grammar check documentation.
  • Spell check documentation.
  • Verify all formats (Info, HTML, PDF) build correctly.
  • For minor release, review Mercurial logs for any bugs fixed on stable and publish in NEWS file
  • Update installer README.html file in MXE Octave.

Translations [edit]

We don't normally update translation files for bug-fixing releases.

make check[edit]

  • Verify make check is passing on all buildbot combinations of OS and compilers.
  • Compiling with -fsanitize=undefined, --enable-address-sanitizer-flags to check for memory leaks. Use other tools cppcheck, etc.

Create new release candidate[edit]

  • Ensure correct version information.
  • Create hg tag in repository with release candidate version number.
  • Verify make distcheck passes.
  • Verify make dist works.
  • Create Windows Installer.
  • Upload release candidates.
  • Add release candidate version to Savannah bug tracker.
  • Announce release candidate to discourse.

Final Release[edit]

Update version information[edit]

  • Ensure correct version information.
  • Create hg tag in repository with release version number.
  • Update NEWS (final release date).
  • Update CITATION (version, year, URL).
  • Update org.octave.Octave.appdata.xml (version number and release date).
  • Update Savannah bug tracker version info.
  • Update Savannah bug tracker: OPEN bugs marked as WON'T FIX should be marked as CONFIRMED (or more appropriate) for the final release.
  • Remove release candidate versions from Savannah.

Announce final release[edit]


  • Update version info in configure.ac on stable branch and merge with default version information.

Versioning hints[edit]

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Read etc/HACKING.md carefully!!
  • Update configure.ac:
    • AC_INIT
  • Update libtool versioning:
    • liboctave/module.mk %canon_reldir%_%canon_reldir%_current
    • libinterp/module.mk %canon_reldir%_liboctinterp_current
    • libgui/module.mk %canon_reldir%_liboctgui_current