6.3 Release Checklist

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Timeline (tentative)
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Updates for gnulib Edit

For bug-fixing releases, changes to gnulib should only be done to fix known serious problems. There were none for 6.3.

Bugs that should be fixed before the releaseEdit


Review documentationEdit

The following is all we should need to do for a minor release.

  • Grammar check documentation.
  • Spell check documentation.
  • Verify all formats (Info, HTML, PDF) build correctly.
  • For minor release, review Mercurial logs for any bugs fixed on stable and publish in NEWS file
  • Update installer README.html file in MXE Octave.

Translations Edit

We don't normally update translation files for bug-fixing releases.

make checkEdit

  • Verify make check is passing on all buildbot combinations of OS and compilers.
  • Compiling with -fsanitize=undefined, --enable-address-sanitizer-flags to check for memory leaks. Use other tools cppcheck, etc.

Create new release candidateEdit

  • Ensure correct version information.
  • Create hg tag in repository with release candidate version number.
  • Verify make distcheck passes.
  • Verify make dist works.
  • Create Windows Installer.
  • Upload release candidates.
  • Add release candidate version to Savannah bug tracker.
  • Announce release candidate to discourse.

Final ReleaseEdit

Update version informationEdit

  • Ensure correct version information.
  • Create hg tag in repository with release version number.
  • Update NEWS (final release date).
  • Update CITATION (version, year, URL).
  • Update org.octave.Octave.appdata.xml (version number and release date).
  • Update Savannah bug tracker version info.
  • Update Savannah bug tracker: OPEN bugs marked as WON'T FIX should be marked as CONFIRMED (or more appropriate) for the final release.
  • Remove release candidate versions from Savannah.

Announce final releaseEdit


  • Update version info in configure.ac on stable branch and merge with default version information.

Versioning hintsEdit

Read etc/HACKING.md carefully!!
  • Update configure.ac:
    • AC_INIT
  • Update libtool versioning:
    • liboctave/module.mk %canon_reldir%_%canon_reldir%_current
    • libinterp/module.mk %canon_reldir%_liboctinterp_current
    • libgui/module.mk %canon_reldir%_liboctgui_current