4.4.0 Release Checklist

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4.4.0 Release Tasks

  1. File bug reports for all outstanding bugs known, but not reported
    • Put out a general call for reports on Octave-Maintainers and Octave-Help list
    Completion Date: NA
  2. Review patch tracker/bug list for any patches submitted that may be included before release
    Completion Date: NA
  3. Identify Bugs which *must* be fixed prior to release
    • Review bugs on tracker for possible inclusion in list
    • Review bugs and update to correct category, such as Patch submitted
    • See Bug Fix List - 4.4.0 Release
    Completion Date:
  4. Clear all bugs identified as must-fix
    • In progress : Variable Editor bugs
    Completion Date:
  5. GPL License activities
    • Update Copyright statements for all source controlled files
    • Add any new contributors to contributors.in
    Completion Date: 3/30/18
  6. Style-check code base
    • This will produce lots of whitespace changes, but no behavior changes
    • Must occur after patches have been added since whitespace changes will often prevent patches from applying
    • *WON'T DO* m-file style check. Completion Date:
    • C++ style check.
    Completion Date: 4/3/18
  7. Run lint checker on code base
    • cppcheck, Clang sanitize, etc.
    Completion Date: 3/29/18
  8. Verify 'make check' is passing
    • Start discussion on octave-maintainers list about which failing tests must be fixed
    • Identify and fix any tests determined critical in step above
    Completion Date:
  9. Compile and run Octave test suite with --enable-address-sanitizer-flags to check for memory leaks
    Completion Date: 4/2/18
  10. Review documentation
    • Grammar check documentation so that it conforms to Octave standards
    • Spell check documentation
    • Verify no functions missing from manual: Only decic, ode15i, ode15s remaining. See <http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?51965>
    • Verify deprecated functions removed from "see also" links
    • Verify all formats (Info, HTML, pdf) build correctly
    • Review NEWS for any features which should be announced
    Completion Date: 3/27/18
  11. Localization and Internationalization
    • Update language translation files (*.ts)
    • Update localization strings in etc/icons/org.octave.Octave.*
    • Submit call for translations for GUI strings.
    Completion Date: 4/8/18
  12. Verify build process and create release candidates
    • Update version information in configure.ac/Makefile.am
      • Octave version number and release date
      • API version number
      • shared library version numbers
    • Verify 'make distcheck' passes
    • Create release candidate
      • 'make dist'
      • hg tag repository with release candidate ID
      • For Windows, create installer Windows Installer
      • Upload release candidate
      • Announce release candidate to Octave-Maintainers, Octave-Help, on web page
      • Repeat release candidate cycle until clean
    Completion Date:
  13. Final Release
    • hg tag repository with release
    • merge default onto stable to become the current stable release
    • add new release version to Savannah bug tracker
    • Announce final release on Octave mailing lists and web site
    Completion Date:
  14. Post Branching for Release
    • Update configure.ac/Makefile.am versioning to next release cycle
    • Remove all deprecated functions scheduled for deletion in default branch
    Completion Date: 4/7/18