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hi, I am a beginner in octave. when I tried to install fuzzy-logic-toolkit, got this error my OS is ubuntu 18.04.octave version is 5.2.0

>> pkg install -forge fuzzy-logic-toolkit warning: creating installation directory /home/rafeeq/snap/octave/30/octave warning: called from

   install at line 30 column 5
   pkg at line 441 column 9

parse error near line 165 of file /home/rafeeq/snap/octave/30/octave/fuzzy-logic-toolkit-0.4.5/defuzz.m

 anonymous function bodies must be single expressions

>>> y_val = @(y_val) if (y_val == max_y) 1 else 0 endif;


error: called from

   doc_cache_create>create_cache at line 109 column 20
   gen_doc_cache_in_dir>@<anonymous> at line 143 column 16
   doc_cache_create>gen_doc_cache_in_dir at line 144 column 9
   doc_cache_create at line 55 column 12
   install>generate_lookfor_cache at line 800 column 5
   install at line 229 column 7
   pkg at line 441 column 9

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