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Introduction :[edit]

I'am a university student at faculty of engineering Ain Shams University Computer and Systems Engineering department , Speak English and Arabic I am studying Computer Architecture , Mathematics , programming languages(c++ - c#) , Control Theories.

I want to participate in the Google Summer of Code to gain more experience in my field ,interest to work in an open source organization and become a mentor in the future.

Octave is one of my favorite mathematical tool I begin to love it when our university professor assigned to our group to implement a mathematical library as Octave using c++ and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts. so, I gain experience using Octave GNU My Github email :

Contact :[edit]

IRC Nick Name : Mourice Time zone : UTC +2 timeframe : I usually code around 14.00 to 18.00

Coding experience :[edit]

1- experience with C++ : I have been writing C/C++ code for more than 3 years -implement a console program do operations on courses, exams and students data. more about the project : [1] - Implement simple octave / matlab matrix library more information about the project [2] Github repository : [3]

2- Octave Matlab m-scripts I have been dealing with Octave/Matlab m-scripts for more than 2 years using command and simulink block diagram.

Other programming languages.

PHP : I love make website I took an internship in a software company dealing with PHP , MySql and MVC framework (codeigniter) Good knowledge about C# GUI , Python , java

being in a development team : dealing with github , gitlab through my internship free projects : University Projects

biggest project : simple matlab/octave implementation [4]

A Patch : [5]

Feeling fine[edit]

IRC and mailing lists : Good

source code management systems : have been using Zenhub in my project [6]

Mediawiki : first time of using it and i see it is simple .

make, gcc : Familiar with makefile and compiling using gcc and shell scripting in Linux OS