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[[File:octconf2017.jpg|thumb|left|500px|Participants OctConf 2017 first day]]
We are happy to announce the upcoming Octave Conference 2017 to be held at [ CERN], near Geneva, Switzerland, from March 20th until March 22nd. The Local Organising Committee is happy and proud that CERN will host this event for at least two reasons: Octave [2] is a fundamental tool of analysis and research for hundreds of CERN scientists; Octave and CERN share and promote the same values of openness, cooperation, diversity, quality and commitment.
To register officially, please use the CERN conference manager [ Indico].
In addition, *please* add your name to the Participants section of this page so we can plan appropriately.
We are working out the details of the programme, and the call for contributions and abstract is still open. You are all invited to submit an abstract and present your experience with Octave at the conference!
We are hopeful that the key members of the Octave development team will make it, both from oversea and from Europe. You can find more updated information on the programme in the [ CERN's OctConf webpage] and in here.
== '''Dates == ''': The conference will run for three days from Monday, March 20th through Wednesday, March 22nd. 
== Location ==
=== Geneva, Switzerland ===
=== Venue ===
The upcoming Octconf 2017 will take place at [ CERN] (European Center for Nuclear Research)
* A unique visit to [ CERN]
* A [ Fondue] dinner down-town Geneva
=== Travelling ===
The information below is taken from [ CERN instructions].
Please check that link for further details.
[ How to get to CERN infographics]
CERN Reception - Meyrin
CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research
385 route de Meyrin
CH-1217 Meyrin - Geneva
* GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 46.2314284
Longitude: 6.0539718
==== By train ====
Coming from the Geneva railway station at Cornavin
Tram - Take the number 18 tram to "CERN" which is the final stop at the CERN entrance.
Ticket costs 3 CHF full-fare / 2 CHF reduced-fare (Ticket "Tout Genève" on the ticket machine).
See the [ TPG] web site for full details.
==== By car ====
* From Switzerland
Follow signs for "Aéroport", "Lyon" and "Meyrin".
Once you are in Meyrin, follow signs for "St. Genis" (which is just beyond the border, in France).
Before reaching St Genis, the CERN site is on your left on "Route de Meyrin", just before you reach the border.
* From France (département of Ain)
Follow signs for "Gex" or "St. Genis".
When you reach the border, CERN is on your right immediately after passing through customs.
See [ Parking] for parking information.
==== By plane ====
Coming from the Geneva International Airport at Cointrin
Taxi - approximately 35CHF.
Bus - First take a public transport ticket from the machine you will find at the exit to the baggage collection hall, just before customs control. Then:
Option 1: Take bus Y direction "CERN" and get off at the CERN stop opposite the large Globe and the CERN site.
Option 2: Take bus 23, 28 or 57 and get off at the stop "Blandonnet" and then catch the Tram number 18, final stop "CERN".
See the [ TPG] web site for full details.
== Tips and tricks ==
A normal lunch at CERN costs about 15 CHF, inclusive of one coffee and one delicious dessert.
A bus ride from the airport to CERN is free of charge, if you take a ticket at the vending machine in the baggage claim area. Should you miss that vending machine, a ticket will cost you 3.00 CHF.
== Accommodation ==
The conference will take place in the CERN's main site (Meyrin). You can try your luck and search for an accommodation in one of the [ CERN Hostels].
Should the CERN hostels be full, or should you prefer to stay in Geneva, we advise you to consult your favourite on-line booking portal (,,, etc.) and to contact the hotel directly in order to identify the lowest tariff available for CERN users and collaborators (preferential tariffs may apply in some cases).
Hotels in the vicinity of "Gare Cornavin" (Geneva's main railway station), or along "Route de Meyrin", are particularly recommended. Tram number 18 links Gare Cornavin to CERN in 20' (see [ timetable on the TPG's webpage]).
Notice that, by staying in hotel, youth hostel or at a campsite, you are entitled to receive a personal and non transferable Geneva Transport Card for free, which will allow you to use the whole public transportation system of Geneva for the length of your stay for free. This includes buses, trams, trains, and yellow taxi-boats - Mouettes. Just ask for it upon arrival on the reception.
== Suggestions for Sessions ==
=== Schedule ===
During the daytime: CERN offers many areas where people can socialize and/or discuss, informally. For instance, the CERN main restaurant is open until 23:00 (11:00 PM).
The [ indico timetable] will be used as the official schedule. This one here should mirror that one.
<table class="tg" border="1" width="800" style="text-align: center">
<td>Open SlotRegistration - IT Amphitheatre Coffee Area, CERN</td>
<td>GSoC project: Exponential Integrators<br/>(Chiara Segala)</td>
<td rowspan="2">Unconference</td>
<td>9:30-109:0040</td> <td>Open SlotWelcome to CERN and Conference info</td> <tdrowspan="2">SOCIS project: Improve iterative methods for sparse linear systems<br/>(Cristiano Dorigo)</td> </tr> <tr> <td>9:40-10:10</td> <td>Octave for N dimensions and microscope image processing (Carnë Draug / David Miguel Susano Pinto)</td> <td rowspan="6">Visit to CERN sites</td> 
<td>10:0010-10:1530</td> <td>Octave for Particle Accelerator Performance Optimization<strong>Coffee<br/strong></td> <td><strong>Coffee</strong>(Andrea Latina)</td> <tdrowspan="2"><strong>Discussion and Coffee</strong></td>
<td>10:1530-1011:5000</td> <td>Designing Particle Accelerators using Octave (A. Latina)</tdstrong> <td>Open SlotCoffee</td> <tdstrong>Unconference</td>
<td>[ publish] your code with Octave (Kai T. Ohlhus)</td>
<td>Open Slot</td> <td rowspan="2">SIAM event by EPFLSupport of free software in public institutions: the KiCad case (Javier Serrano)<br/>KiCad demo (To be confirmed. Move it to the first day if you think it would be betterTomasz Wlostowski)</td>  </tr>
<td>11:2530-12:00</td> <td>GSoC project: ode15{i,s}<br/>(Francesco Faccio)</td> <td>The future of the Neural Network package<br/>(Francesco Faccio)Open slot</td>
<td><strong>Discussionand Group Photo</strong></td> <td>GSoC project: ode15{i,s} and The future of the Neural Network package<strong>Discussion</strong><br/td> <td>8/16-bit simulation with GNU Octave (Andreas StahelFrancesco Faccio)</td>8 </tr>
<td>14:00-14:3530</td> <td rowspan="32">Open Slot 25 Years of Octave: Recent Developments and Future Directions<br/>(Pleanry session: CERN main auditoriumJohn W. Eaton)</td> <td rowspan="3">Open Slot Technical overview of user code parallelization (Pleanry session: CERN main auditoriumOlaf Till)</td> <td rowspan="3">Visit to CERN sitesUnconference</td>
<td>14:3530-15:1000</td> <td>8/16-bit simulation with GNU Octave (Andreas Stahel)</td>
<td>15:1000-15:4530</td> <td>Open Slot</td> <td>Current Status of Octave Forge (Oliver Heimlich)</td>
<td><br/><br/>16:00-1817:0030<br/><br/><br/></td> <tdrowspan="2"><strong>Code Sprint</strong></td> <tdrowspan="2"><strong>Code Sprint</strong></td> <td><strong>Organization of OctConf2018</strong>, Closing, and Farewell</td>
<td>1817:0030-1918:00</td> <td rowspan="2">Fondue night (alternative 1)</td> <td rowspan="2">Fondue night (alternative 2)</td> <td rowspan="2">Closing and Farewell30</td>
<td><br/><br/>19:0030-2021:0030<br/><br/></td> <td>Fondue night</td>
<td>Fast approximation of complicated simulators<VSDP – A GNU Octave/td> MATLAB<tdsup>[[User:KaKiLa |JuanPi Carbajal]]&reg;</tdsup> </tr> <tr> <td>VSDP: Verified SemiDefinite Programmingtoolbox for verified semidefinite-quadratic-linear programming</td>
<td>[[User:Siko1056|Kai T. Ohlhus]]</td>
<td>Characterization of high-Tc granular superconductors in a magnetic fields</td> <td></td> </tr> <tr> <td></td> <td></td> </tr> <tr> <td></td> <td></td> </tr> <tr> <td></td> <td></td> </tr> <tr> <td></td> <td></td> </tr> <tr> <td></td> <td></td> </tr> <tr> <td></td> <td></td> </tr> <tr> <td></td> <td>Michele Manzini</td>
* [[User:KaKiLa|JuanPi Carbajal]]
* [[User:Francesco Faccio|Francesco Faccio]] (need funding for travel)* [[User:jwe|John W. Eaton]] (need funding for travel)* [[User:rikJordiGH|RikJordi Gutiérrez Hermoso]] (need funding for travel)
* [[User:Doug|Douglas Stewart]]
* [[User:Siko1056|Kai T. Ohlhus]]
* [[User:Oheim|Oliver Heimlich]] (Tuesday–Wednesday)
* [[User:Carandraug|Carnë Draug]] (likely to attend but unsure. Will only be able to confirm on the 10th of February)* [[User:Andy1978|Andreas Weber]] (likely to attend but have to wait for the final okay from employer)* Valentin Ortega Clavero (likely to attend but have to wait for the final okay from employer)
* Andrea Latina
* Andreas Stahel
* [[User:CdF|Carlo de Falco]] (likely to attend, probably one day only)
* Cristiano Dorigo
* Michele Ginesi
* [[User:pantxo|Pantxo Diribarne]] (likely to attend, probably one day only)
* Marco Caliari (arrival in Monday afternoon)
* Anna Ferrarini== Funding ==* Elisa Frison* Sara Stillavati* Olaf Till* Philip Nienhuis
== Previous OctConf ==

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