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Use <pre><strike> ... </strike></pre> to cross an item off the list when it has been done. Add <pre>WON'T FIX</pre> and the strike through tag for any bugs that will not be fixed in this round.
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== Bugs marked as Crash ==
* Owner: ??? {{bug|47914}} segfault with OpenGL patches and address sanitizer
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|47650}} octave crashed while plotting many functions</strike>
* READY FOR TEST <strike> {{bug|46501}} Crash running uimenu code under Qt</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|46349}} dblquad/triplequad - periodic functions over the whole period [hang, not crash]
* READY FOR TEST <strike> {{bug|46315}} Assertion Failed - profiler crash on every 2nd time execution halts</strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|45863}} Octave crashes when clicking on polar plot using OpenGL</strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|45577}} Solving systems using complex NaN causes crash </strike>
=== Windows ===
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|39000}} Can't override BLAS XERBLA handler on Windows</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|44470}} Pause does not detect Ctrl+C keystroke in Windows GUI
== Bugs with severity >= 4 ==
* POSTPONED <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|44916}} Printing Qt-drawn figures produces faulty files-softwareopengl option for performance </strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|37672}} CTRL+C interrupt processing causes segfaults -- patch posted
* Owner: ??? {{bug|47400}} panic on Ctrl+c with multithreaded ATLAS or OpenBLAS -- patch posted
* READY FOR TEST <strike> {{bug|41567}} error in qr -- patch posted</strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|43098}} "if (array)" should raise a warning, and give the same result for dense and sparse -- patch posted </strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|47676}} Cannot apply computed assignment to a variable defined after the code was parsed (e.g., in a script) -- workaround patch posted
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|39000}} Can't override BLAS XERBLA handler on Windows</strike>* Owner: ??? POSTPONED {{bug|42469}} GUI crashes on international character after autocompletion -- upstream scintilla bug. Can we work around it?* Owner: ??? <strike> {{bug|44335}} Use consistent wording for "contribute" vs "donate" -- patch posted</strike>
* <strike> Owner: [[User:siko1056]] {{bug|46330}} segfault with matrices containing Inf & NaN -- patch posted </strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|47543}} segfault with warnings disabled in subfunction when all warnings disabled globally -- patch posted </strike>
* Reviewer: Lachlan {{bug|32756}} Ignore unknown datatypes in HDF5 files but load remainder of file correctly
* Reviewer: Lachlan {{bug|45972}} Anonymous function handles with varargin are not correctly saved.
* <strike>Reviewer: Lachlan {{bug|37613}} Octave precision/accuracy is much lower for quadgk</strike>
* Reviewer: Lachlan {{bug|40904}} WHAT function should return all available results for MATLAB compatibility
=== Unreviewed patches that seem (to LA) worth reviewing ===
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|46136}} error messages for stacks of anonymous functions not informative enough</strike>* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|47756}} [ode suit] integrate_adaptive fails with vertical tspan -- One-line patch. Who knows the ode suite?</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|46008}} Help function fails to return help header for subfunctions and nested functions
* Owner: ??? {{bug|36646}} Statistics tests produce errors and warnings when var(sample) == 0 -- patch only fixes some functions, but better than none.
* Owner: ??? {{bug|46852}} smarter diagnostic message when a user variable shadows a function definition
* READY FOR TEST <strike> {{bug|46912}} qr not working as described && related {{bug|41567}} qr fails with two matrix inputs</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|45969}} Inner scopes of nested anonymous function definitions are not saved.
* Owner: ??? {{bug|45903}} pkg rebuild -global fails if package directory does not exist
* Owner: ??? {{bug|39036}} line(X, Y) draws no lines
* Owner: ??? {{bug|38483}} qp() fails with empty inequality constraints
* POSTPONED <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|46236}} GUI Workspace - use same column headings as Matlab '''Reviewed by: jwe'''</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|47800}} gammainc(x,a,"upper") rounds down to zero if output is below eps
* Owner: ??? {{bug|42671}} [PATCH] corr() does not have p-values output, returns 1.0 with one observation.
* <strike>Owner: ??? {{bug|47414}} Folding editor text breaks cursor movement</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|46859}} floating point error in range results in non-integer value -- patch warns of error, rather than fixing it.
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|48315}} cov.m: Incorrect result</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|46660}} object array writing into class member alters another class member
* <strike>Owner: ??? {{bug|48044}} Searching for markers does not wrap</strike>
* <strike>Owner: ??? {{bug|48292}} dbstop marker obscures bookmarks</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|47173}} mtimes allows arguments with >= 3 dimensions -- a patch deep in core, so it needs careful review.
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|39349}} funny output from help .'</strike>* READY FOR TEST <strike> {{bug|46632}} Breakpoints and program counter arrow aren't cleared in some cases</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|43925}} isscalar behaves incorrectly for some user-defined classes
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|36015}} unexpected sqp error</strike>
=== Other bug reports tagged as "patch submitted" ===
* Owner: ??? {{bug|40095}} Clearvar function not implemented (LA vote: unsure)
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|44336}} warning ("error", "all") changes "matlab-compatible" warnings if there's an "all" status before</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|32839}} pkg build/install does not work with directories
* Owner: ??? {{bug|32008}} sqp: Don't set upper/lower bound unless specified -- clarification requested
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|44727}} editor: breakpoints are confused after file is changed -- will be fixed by patch for {{bug|46332}}.</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|45542}} griddatan unable to perform 4-dimensional interpolation. -- diff requested
* Owner: ??? {{bug|44503}} 'set (gca, camera.......)' doesn't update 3D plots
=== Other bugs marked as crash in Savannah ===
* POSTPONED <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|47958}} GUI freezes when starting debug with a partly drawn Qt figure (LA vote: unsure)</strike>
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|42118}} COW memory issues when extracting small slices from large arrays (LA vote: unsure) </strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|40044}} *** glibc detected *** gnuplot: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x08d72878 *** (LA vote: not necessary)
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|40608}} MinGW: crashes with JIT (LA vote: not necessary)</strike>* POSTPONED <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|41213}} JIT segfaults on non-x86 processors (LA vote: not necessary)</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|42429}} @ftp/dir crashes Octave (LA vote: not necessary)
* Owner: ??? {{bug|44478}} test crashes with Nvidia drivers (LA vote: not necessary)
* POSTPONED <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|46192}} JIT compiler fails in jit.tst and aborts Octave (LA vote: not necessary)</strike>* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|46926}} saveas() crashes Octave (LA vote: not necessary)</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|47620}} segfault when using eval and anoymous function (LA vote: not necessary)
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|47827}} "Ctrl+1" shortcut crashes the GUI (LA vote: not necessary)</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|48078}} signal package: crash in remez with close frequency band values + differentiator (LA vote: not necessary)
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|48219}} Crash at end of execution of openEMS script (LA vote: not necessary)</strike>* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|48284}} Can't make the graphics work on new installation</strike>* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|48323}} interval package: segmentation fault in qr function (LA vote: not necessary)</strike>* POSTPONED <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|41652}} Octave builds but crashes when trying to use gcj for java support (LA vote: not necessary)</strike>
=== Bugs marked configuration and build system in Savannah ===
* Owner: ??? {{bug|36477}} use XDG dirs instead of HOME (LA vote: not necessary, but desirable)
* Owner: ??? {{bug|40444}} On Windows, config & history files etc. should go to %APPDATA% (LA vote: not necessary, but desirable)
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|47886}} Do not link against libraries without OpenGL (LA vote: unsure)</strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|41027}} config.h is too generic (LA vote: up to JWE) </strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|38776}} Tests in private functions cannot be tested directly (LA vote: unnecessary)
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|39446}} MXE-Octave: LAPACK build mixes MinGW and MSVC (LA vote: not necessary) </strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|40111}} Support runtime selection of Java version on Linux and Unix systems (LA vote: not necessary)
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|40252}} Make GUI compatible with both Qt4 and Qt5 (LA vote: not necessary)</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|41652}} Octave builds but crashes when trying to use gcj for java support (LA vote: not necessary)
* Owner: ??? {{bug|44359}} Save and restore user FFLAGS, add additional options to AM_FFLAGS (LA vote: not necessary)
* Owner: ??? {{bug|41428}} Add an &~ binary operator (LA vote: note necessary)
* Owner: ??? {{bug|47919}} Error messages for mismatched struct fields is not informative (LA vote: not necessary)
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|41088}} add a splash screen (loading is non-instantaneous) (LA vote: not necessary)</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{bug|41818}} Fixed up "find" function with templates and fourth parameter (LA vote: not necessary)
* Owner: ??? {{patch|9023}} Tell user about misaligned if/end pairs when an end-related error occurs
* WON'T FIX <strike>Owner: ??? {{patch|9022}} Allow paging of some but not all commands</strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{patch|8956}} F3 for "Find Next", shift+F3 for "Find Prev"</strike>
* Owner: ??? {{patch|8656}} Variable Editor (expanded from Patch {{patch|8316}})
* Owner: ??? {{patch|9011}} Tests for corefcn/
=== Matlab functions, by regular devs ===
* <strike>Owner: ??? {{patch|9048}} Matlab compatible publish function</strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{patch|9014}} Add "camlight" function</strike>* <strike> Owner: ??? {{patch|9013}} New function "material"</strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{patch|9040}} Add function "lighting" </strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{patch|8856}} add function reducevolume</strike>* <strike> Owner: ??? {{patch|8872}} add isocaps</strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{patch|8864}} add smooth3 </strike>
* Owner: ??? {{patch|7924}} Added two functions: locale() and setlocale()
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{patch|8912}} add function reducepatch</strike>
=== Matlab functions, needing major work ===
* Owner: ??? {{patch|8308}} Adds --minimal-dependencies flag to mkoctfile for more portable mex/oct files
* Owner: ??? {{patch|7976}} Make PPKG_ADD and PKG_DEL see both m-file and oct-file directories of a package (2nd post)

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