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* Add swisdom (single prec.) to /libinterp/dldfcn/ documentation
* linguist-qt4: octave-src/libgui$ "lupdate -recursive -no-obsolete -locations relative src qterminal graphics -ts languages/de_DE.ts* Torsten uses lupdate -no-obsolete -locations relative $SEARCH_PATH -ts $file"
=== GUI ===
==== video ====
<strike>fix build, see</strike>
==== signal ====
* findpeaks.m, print error if data is not a column vector (error: vertical dimensions mismatch (1x10000 vs 1x1)
==== FAQ for windows user ====
octave-forge packages on windows
You should follow the README for the binary octave bundle, for example
The additional forge-pkgs (ex. Octave3.6.4_gcc4.6.2_pkgs_20130331.7z) contains the already compiled
packages for the specific (Octave-3.6.4) version.
Normally windows users can't just install octave forge packages with
pkg install package
pkg install -forge package
because their system lacks a build system with autotools, make, c++ compiler etc.
==== image ====
* implement [ SURF], integralImage is cumsum(cumsum(a,1),2)
* implement impixelinfo
* implement getpixelposition, axes2pix, pix2map, map2pix
===== corner/cornermetric, harris =====
First post on mailing list in 12.01.2013
== brainstorming ==
* something like autobuilder for octave would be cool. Jordi mentioned
* perhaps
== Snippets ==
=== commands from which I regularly doesn't find the name ===
* octave_config_info ()
* merge (C's (a)? b: c); syntax
=== libgraphicsmagick++3 quantum-depth ===
hg log -r "bisect(good) or bisect(bad)" --template "{rev}:{node|short} {bisect}\n"
== octave-image-acquisition on forge Links ==
This are just some snippets and links.* still mentiones SVN but the idea is the same [ hgweb on sourceforge]* you can use if you want but basically boils down to, hg archive, remove the hg hiden files, run the bootstrap file in src[ (if you have one), tarball the repository, install the package, generate the html, upload them to the release tracker073 bash parameter expansion]


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