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These projects involve implementing certain mathematical functions in Octave.
=== Matlab Compatible DAE solver ===
The goal is to implement a Matlab compatible adaptive BDF solver for Differential Algebraic Equations (DAEs).
The interface would need to be compatible with ode15s while for the backend the
[ SUNDIALS] library would be used, which has both a C and a MEX interface.
This function should eventually be included in Octave core together with the other [ ODE solvers] that will be released with version 4.2, but could be intially developed as an addition to the [ odepkg] package.
'''Required skills''': C++; C; familiarity with numerical methods for DAEs; Basic knowledge of makefiles and/or autotools.
'''Difficulty''': medium.
'''Potential mentors''': Carlo de Falco, Marco Caliari, Jacopo Corno, Sebastian Schöps
=== Improve logm, sqrtm, funm ===


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