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<!-- {{SyntaxHighlight| -->
{{Code|Creating a transfer function and plotting its response|<syntaxhighlight lang="octave" style="font-size:14px">
T1=0.4; # time constant P=tf([1], [T1 1]) # create transfer function model step(P,2) # plot step response
#add some common markers like the tangent line at the origin, which crosses lim(n->inf) f(t) at t=T1
hold on
plot ([0 T1], [0 1],"g") plot ([T1 T1], [0 1],"k") plot ([0 T1], [1-1/e 1-1/e],"m")
hold off
Try also <code style="font-size:14px; border:solid lightgray 1px; padding: 2px">bode(P)</code>! (a first order low-pass filter has -3db magnitude at f=1/T1).
=== Inverted Pendulum ===


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