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== About Me ==
I am a user, developer, and advocate of GNU Octave. I started using GNUOctave around May 2007 while working on my MSEE. I started submittingbugs and working on patches against Octave in February 2012, mainly to fix somecompilation problems I had with the newest version latest release on an older Red HatEnterprise 5.2 system I use used at work. One thing led to another and I amnow learning my way around a co-maintainer of the code baseOctave project, helping frequent contributor to fix bugsboth development and discussion, bug triager, testtester,etc.
My main areas of interest within the Octave project are stability and consistency ofuser experience, portability, particularly to different versions ofGNU/Linux and Unix, and the [[Signal package|signal processing]]and [[Communications package|communications]]packages. My primary development environment is Debian GNU/Linux.
I am involved in packaging * developing Octave's nascent [[Python interface]]* maintaining the [[Signal package|signal processing]] and testing [[Communications package|communications]] packages* maintaining and improving Octave 's build system* aiming for both the Debian stability andUbuntu distributions. I am a member consistency of user experience, portability, particularly to different versions of the[ Debian Octave Group] Linux andUnixthe [ Ubuntu * encouraging new contributors, mentoring, and helping to build community around Octave Team].
My primary development environment is Debian GNU/Linux, but I occasionally build and test Octave on other distributions and Unices. I am involved in packaging and testing Octave for both the Debian and Ubuntu distributions. I am a member of the [ Debian Octave Group] and the [ Ubuntu Octave Team]. I have been a mentor for two very successful projects under the Google Summer of Code program. I can be found on [ #octave]as mtmxmtmiller.
My editor of choice is [[VIM|Vim]].
might be useful.
* Update the default oct-file template in edit.m to reflect current best practices and recommended coding style.
* Create a complete Vim environment with [[User:Rik]]'s syntax highlighting rules, indenting, if-end keyword matching, function block jumping, etc.
* Update pygments syntax highlighting for Octave if needed.
* Apply [[User:Oheim]]'s custom css for the interval package to the communications package manual, or to the Octave core manual.
* Make a static m-file format/style analyzer, a la pep8, that can help users teach themselves GNU Octave style conventions.
* Adapt Debian packaging to operate on a clean hg clone, add build-deps (bison, flex, gperf), build package from any hg revision
** Should any of this be applied to the official Debian packaging?
* Query the terminal size directly from the terminal instead of readline as a fallback. Also allow COLUMNS and LINES to override terminal size.
* Hi-resolution time using clock_gettime if available instead of gettimeofday.
== Octave Work ==
* [ mtmiller] on Bitbucket
* [ mtmiller] on GitHub
* [ mtmiller] on GitLab* [ mtmiller] on AliothDebian Salsa
* [ mtmiller] on Launchpad


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