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OctConf 2013

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Following the success of [[OctConf 2012 ]] which brought together users and
developers for five days in July in the French Canadian summer,
the first european OctConf was be held in Milan, Italy on June 24-26
Finally, we discussed a lot about economic sustainability of the project. How can people make money using GNU Octave without damaging/endangering its freedom? Do you know business models that could fit? How can we organize a pool of developers to offer support for companies wanting to use GNU Octave?
* [ Slides] === Octave overview=== As usual, and meant for the new comers, there was an overview of GNU Octave. This is an ongoing collaborative effort initiated by Jordi at OctConf 2012,it was modified and extended by Carlo who presented it in varios occations (including [ FEMTEC2013]).The source of the presentation is available in a [ mercurial repository] and is distributed under the [ CC-by-SA] license.The sources for this presentation are available under a Creative Commons license for anybody who wants to use them. Get it here! *[Filehttp:slides_octconf_jwe//|Slides] === Octave in numerical methods courses ===Paola Gervasio gave a presentation about how she and her colleagues ([ authors of several books])use Octave in their courses at the university. You cansee exmaples used for the classes and some interesting pedagogic techniques in the slides.[ Contact her] if you have questions! *[ Slides]
=== Teaching engineers with GNU Octave ===
[ Andreas Stahel] from Biel, Switzerland gave a talk about teaching GNU Octave for Engineering. All his material (code, lecture notes, etc) is available for download, reuse, remix, reshare.
* [ Slides] === NCLab ===Martin Novak and Martin Balek, from [Filehttp:slides_octconf_andreas_stahel// NCLab], showcased their product and commented in the technology their are develping to have a fully functional GNU Octave server online. We hope this guys manage to earn they coins respecting the Free software community. Good luck! *[|Slides] === LTFAT and Octave ===Realtime sound processing with GNU Octave? It seems that the Czech-Danish team of [ LTFAT] formed by Zdenek Prusa and Peter L. Søndergaard believes it is possible and are working towards it. We will hear (pun!) a lot from them in the coming months. Apart from that, LTFAT provides an implementation of wavelets for GNU Octave. * [ Slides]
=== FEM mash-up and Octave ===
[ S. Schöps] showed a mash-up of proprietary and libre (FOSS) software to solve 3D coupled electromagnetic problems.
* [ Slides] === JIT Compiler ===L Y.H., the student who will follow up the work of Max Brister, presented the difficulties with changes in LLVM and the JIT compiler for Octave.Apparently, a re-structuring of this part of Octave is imminent. *[ Slides] === New sparse matrix format for Octave ===[ Michele Martone]presented his (soon to be released) Octave package for sparse matrices "sparsersb".The package enables Octave users to transparently use the "librsb"multithreaded sparse matrix library from Octave, gaining performance in the application of sparse matrix-vector multiplication operations onlarge matrices (e.g.: when applying iterative methods).Early testing efforts are very welcome.Code and information is already available on [] . * [ Slides] === GSoC project: Incomplete factorization === In future releases incomplete [ LU-] and [ Cholesky-]factorizations will be part of Octave. In a short presentation one of this years Google Summer of Code students [[User:Siko1056|Kai T. Ohlhus]] talked about the project progress. * [ Slides]
=== New sparse matrices for Octave Spectral Variational Integrators ===[ Michele Martone] presented his (future) This project may take off with the acceptance of Octave package for sparse matrix using recursive blocks (quad-tree blockification into the ESA summer of matrices)code in Space. He is very willing to collaborate with any development that could use his codeVery interestign for people working in Mechanics and Control.
* [[Filehttp:slides_octconf_michele_martone//]Slides]
=== Hardware and Octave ===
[[File:octave-poster.png|200px|thumb|right|OctConf 2012 poster]]
== Social Events ==
[,+Via+Lomellina,+Milan,+Province+of+Milan,+Italy&hl=en&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=39.456673,79.013672&oq=cooperativa+la+liberazione&t=h&hq=Cooperativa+La+Liberazione,&hnear=Via+Lomellina,+Milano,+Italy&cid=3958574233276347267&z=16&iwloc=A Cooperativa La Liberazione]
[,9.228687&spn=0.008547,0.01929&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&fb=1&hq=union+pub+milano&cid=0,0,7068269447117484891&t=h&z=16&iwloc=A Union Pub]
== Location ==
Modeling and Scientific Computing lab at the
[ Department of Mathematics] of Milan Technical University ([ Politecnico di Milano]),
and was partially supported by [ MOXOFF] and [ NCLab].
=== Venue ===
directions, or check out [ this link] on Google maps.
<!-- === Lodging ===
See [ this page] for lodging opportunities in
the vicinity of the Politecnico Leonardo campus. --> 
== Dates ==
== Detailed Schedule ==
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== Participants ==
* [[User:Carandraug|Carnë Draug/David Pinto]]
* [[User:Siko1056|Kai Torben T. Ohlhus]]
* [[User:KaKiLa|Juan Pablo Carbajal]]
* [[User:Gedeone|Marco V]]
== Next OctConf ==
[[OctConf_2014| OctConf 2014]]


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