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→‎Install an Octave Port: "docs" variant has been removed from octave-locals' prototype portfile
portindex -f</nowiki>
Once indexed the local Octave port may be installed.
<nowiki>sudo port install octave-local +docs+accelerate+gcc45</nowiki>
As a precaution against unexpected problems and a bloated App bundle, using consistent variants for Octave and its dependents is suggested. For example, when using {{Codeline|+accelarate}} make sure none of the dependents are using {{Codeline|+atlas}}. Also, make sure no dependents are using the {{Codeline|+universal}} variant. Using the {{Codeline|+gcc45}} variant is also recommended as all of Octave's dependents have a {{Codeline|+gcc45}} variant. At the very least, following these suggestions will reduce the size of the bundle. The name of Octave's dependent ports may be determined by the command below.


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