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The DMG will be placed in the port's {{Codeline|<nowiki>work</nowiki>}} directory. If a local portfile is used, a symbolic link to the {{Codeline|<nowiki>work</nowiki>}} directory will be placed in the directory containing the portfile. In this instance the DMG can be found in {{Codeline|<nowiki>~/ports/math/octave-local/work</nowiki>}}.
The DMG produced using the [ prototype portfile's] does not include everything needed for Octave. Both {{Codeline|macros.texi}}, {{Codeline|}}, and the {{Codeline|}} files are missing. Until the cause for these missing files is identified and resolved, they will have to be copied manually to the App bundle.
===Use Platypus to produce a template for the App bundle===


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