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Updating config options according to
[ MXE-Octave] was forked 2012 from the [ MXE project] and is useful for building Octave in the following scenarios<ref>[ MXE-Octave README] text by [[User:jwe|jwe]].</ref>:
# Cross-compilation for MS Windows (see also [[Windows_InstallerWindows Installer]]) and other platforms.
# Building Octave on outdated Linux systems (e.g. only an old GCC version is available).
# Building Octave without root permission.
--enable-octave=release \
--enable-64 \
--enable-binary-packages \
--enable-devel-tools \
--enable-fortran-int64 \
--enable-lib64-directory \
--enable-openblas \
--enable-pic-flag \
--enabledisable-openblas system-fontconfig \ --disable-system-gcc \ --enabledisable-system-opengl \ --disable-system-x11-libs \ --with-ccache \ gnu-jitlinux
==== Build ====
<code>make -j3 JOBS=2 all openblas JOBS=4</code> (adapt Adapt the value values of the variable variables <code>-j</code> (parallel package builds) and <code>JOBS</code> (parallel build jobs) to your needs).
==== Replace reference BLAS by OpenBLAS ====
On some older systems, it might be useful to consider adding the configuration options
* <code>--disable-docs</code>
* <code>--disable-system-opengl</code>
* <code>--disable-system-x11-libs</code>
* <code>--disable-java</code>
in case of building errors.

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