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Mapping package

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* Maybe add wrapper functions around rasterread and rasterwrite (for e.g., geotiff, ASCII grid, etc.).
* Add more options to mapshow.
* Implement support for projections. I (current mapping pkg maintainer) have little need nor much experience with this subject => help welcome!BTW there's an OF proj package that offers some of the functionality.* Add geodesy functions. Patches have been submitted but not yet integrated(marked [7] in list below). A suggested roadmap would be to integrate Felipe Nievinsky's geodesy toolbox as an upstream dependency but that toolbox needs documentation work.
Several functions in the current mapping package release (1.2.1) haven't had much testing. Please try them out and report issues in the bug tracker with "[octave forge] (mapping)" tag in the title.
==== Alphabetical list ====
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* aer2ecef'''[7]'''* aer2enu'''[7]'''* aer2geodetic'''[7]'''* aer2ned'''[7]'''
* angl2str
* arcgridread '''[1]'''
* enu2ecefv
* enu2geodetic
* enu2uvw '''[7]'''
* etopo
* etopo5
* intrplon
* ismap
* ispolycw'''*'''
* kmlwrite
* kmlwriteline
* poly2fv
* polybool '''[4]'''
* polyjoin'''*'''
* polymerge
* polysplit
* [2] ''As [1], rasterinfo does the job.''
* [3] ''As of mapping-1.2.0, there's a basic mapshow.''
* [4] ''See oc_polybool in the OF octclip package.polybool has been implemented in soon-to-be-released OF geometry-4.0.0''
* [5] ''See OF image package''
* [6] ''There's a basic gpxread in the 1.24.2 0 version (to be released)''* [7] ''Patches submitted and in progress''
* * ''Implemented in dev version''
=== Contributing ===
* See for example [[User:Sandeepmv#Y:_Your_task]]
* geod toolbox [] (BSD-licensed, available by the from its author outside of File Exchange)
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