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The {{Forge|arduino}} package is part of the [[Octave Forge]] project and provides an Octave look-alike implementation of the Arduino extension for Matlab.
The package currently supports the following boards:
* uno
* nano
* promini
* promicro
* mega2560
* leonardo
* micro
* lilypad
* uno wifi rev2
* sparkfunsamd21
* nano every
= Installation =
== octave installation ==
From octave commmand command line:
>> pkg install -forge arduino
In order to use the arduino hardware with the toolkit, it must be programmed with special firmware.
From octave commmand command line:
>> arduinosetup
>> arduinosetup('arduinobinary', '/path_to_the_installed_arduino/arduino')
More specifically on MacOS:
>> arduinosetup('arduinobinary', '/Applications/')
== Connecting to an Arduino ==
The full code, with the LED controlled in a loop ti turn it on/off each second is in the following example:
a ar = arduino;
led_pin = "d13";
while true
pause (0.5)
= Documentation =
* The [ Function Reference]
[[Category:Octave Forge]][[Category:Packages]]
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