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It needs the Arduino IDE to be installed and functioning on the computer in order to program Arduino boards, however does not need it to control boards that have already been programmed.
The Arduino package also requires the {{Forge|instrument-control }} package to be installed.
== octave installation ==
After successful upload the Arduino IDE should be closed.
'''NOTE:''' on some versions of Ubuntu, the default installed Arduino IDE / java interface is broken so that the IDE will not detect the serial port and allow the board to be programmed. The solution is installed the Arduino ide as a flatpack, or manually. The Arduino binary must be added to the path in order to be found by arduinosetup. Alternatively, the full path/binary for the ide can be specified to arduinosetup.
>> arduinosetup('arduinobinary', '/path_to_the_installed_arduino/arduino')
More specifically on MacOS:
>> arduinosetup('arduinobinary', '/Applications/')
== Connecting to an Arduino ==
The full code, with the LED controlled in a loop ti turn it on/off each second is in the following example:
a ar = arduino;
led_pin = "d13";
while true
pause (0.5)
= Documentation =
* The [ Function Reference]
[[Category:Octave Forge]]

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