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= Personal Data =
[httphttps://ailabsites.ifigoogle.uzh.chcom/site/carbajaljuanpicarbajal/ Juan Pablo Carbajal] = Tips and Tricks=== Get file info when generate_html fails or warns==Since generate_html gives errors about the random files generated, it is useless when debugging help text. The following command shows the first few lines of the files created by generate_html. <pre> f_old=/tmp/$(ls -1 -t /tmp | head -1);while true; do f=/tmp/$(ls -1 -t /tmp | head -1); if [ "$f" != "$f_old" ]; then echo $f; grep '@def' --include="*octave-help*" $f; f_old=$f; fi; done</pre> run this in a different terminal before using generate_htmlis not ideal,but it does the trick == Make options ==Some options to pass to make when compiling from source # <pre> DOC_TARGETS= </pre> avoids building the PDF but still builds function helps.# <pre> --disable-atomic-refcount</pre> improves performance when building CLI only. == Getting help from CLI==# know the function --> <code>help function_name</code> or <code>help function_name</code>. # Know what to do but not the function name --> <code>lookfor what_to_do</code>. # Can't remember the fullname of a function (or have a guess) --> partial_name_of_function then press <TAB-key> twice# Did it once but can't remeber --> <Ctrl>+<R> to search the history. = Sketchpad === test syntax highlight =={{Code|Loading the file as polygon compatible with geometry package|<syntaxhighlight lang="octave" style="font-size:13px"> function y = deserializeInt (data)  y = bitpack ( cell2mat( arrayfun( @(x)bitget(x,1:8), data, "UniformOutput", false ) )', "uint16");  y = double (y); endfunction</syntaxhighlight>}}
= TODO list =
== Geometry package ==* Write description of packages Extend tutorial [[Geometry package]], == Non-negative matrix factorization ==* Add nmf_bpas and nmf-pg to linear-algebra <span style="color: green;">✔</span>  * Get [[Mechanics package]],[[Robotics package] nmf_toolbox]from DTU under free license.<span style="color: green;">✔</span>* Start * Add it to linear-algebra and create nnmf.m compatible with MATLAB calling all the API methods. == GPML ==* Asked for a GPLv3 version of [httpshttp://codewww.cor-labgaussianprocess.deorg/gpml/code/matlab/projectsdoc/rsb RSBindex.html GPML].They answer but license is FreeBSD. A new version is comming out in June 2012, so I will wait to start the port.<span style="color: green;">✔</span> * Build packages for Create [https://launchpadbitbucket.netorg/~ubuntu-octave PPAKaKiLa/gpml repository]to keep scripts to package it for OF.<span style="color: green;">✔</span> == make output format a valid input format ==An output format that prints valid input commands, so one can copy and re-execute the code.From IRC (04:57:05 PM) jwe: It might not be too hard to implement what you want. There is a flag in the pr-output functions for pr_as_read_format and many (but probably not all) of the types that are printed there do something with that. And it is not hooked in to the format function, so you can't enable it. (04:57:31 PM) jwe: and pr_as_read_syntax == extend sub2ind and ind2sub ===
We are extending sub2ind and ind2sub to work with triangular matrices. Currently private functions of {{Forge|mechanics}}.
A string argument triggers the behavior. The string argument can be "triu" or "tril". After this str argument we accept an extra scalar value indicating that the triangular matrix is off diagonal (as in tril and triu).
# If the argument after the str argument is a scalar, it indicates off diagonal triangular matrix (we do not have algo for that yet, though).
== Octave updating pkg.m ==Commands used with pkg  pkg install image-* pkg load image pkg unload image pkg uninstall image pkg install -forge image pkg install -verbose -forge -nodeps signal pkg install struct-old.tar.gz pkg update struct pkg update pkg load all pkg unload all pkg list installed_packages = pkg ("list") [user_packages, system_packages] = pkg ("list") oct_forge_pkgs = pkg ("list", "-forge") pkg describe image pkg describe -verbose image pkg describe - Forge verbose all desc = pkg ("describe", "signal", "image") [desc, flag] =pkg ("describe", "signal", "image") pkg prefix pkg prefix /tmp pfx = pkg ("prefix") pkg prefix /tmp /tmp pfx =pkg ("prefix") pkg build -verbose /tmp image-* quaternion mpower pkg rebuild signal pkg local_db /tmp/.moctave_packages.db pkg local_db pkg global_db /tmp/.octave_packages.db pkg global_db pkg whereis rgbplot pkg whereis -forge rgbplot pkg install -url "" drd-1.1.0.tar.gz  == real2rgb ==* <del>Invite biomechanicist to put their code in biomechanics Porting the package.<May be good to port [http:/del>* Modify admin/releasePKGwww.mathworks.m com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/16233-sc-powerful-image-rendering SC] as well == EPA software suite ==Create native interfaces to erase svn specific filesthe EPA software suites[[See this group]] === SWMM ===** and confirm everything's fine by running check_INDEX[ gov/water-research/storm-water-management-model-swmm Official page]* Check work done in [ MatSWMM] [Userhttp:Carandraug|carandraug// article]] 07:37, 26 January 2012 (PST)
=== Non-negative matrix factorization EPANET ===* Get nmf.m under FreeBSD. <span style="color: green;">✔</span> * Get [httphttps://www.ccepa.gatech.edugov/~hparkwater-research/nmfsoftware.php nmf_bpasepanet Official page] under GPLv3. <span style="color: green;">✔</span> ** Add them to linear-algebra ???
== Old projects ==* Write description of packages [[Mechanics package]],[[Robotics package]].* Get Start the API for [http nmf_toolboxrsb RSB] from DTU under free license. <span style ="color: green;">✔</span>== Quaternion package ===* quaternion mpower.m
=== Biomechanics ===
* <del> Ask [ Stewart Heitmann] to release under GPLv3.</del>
* Ask Andrea d'Avella to release under GPLv3 or equivalent. Waiting for answer. [[User:KaKiLa|KaKiLa]] 03:54, 9 March 2012 (PST)
==== Contents ====
* Muscle models
** Hill model.
** Voight model.
* Locomotion
** SLIP model, multiple generalized variables.
* Reaching
** Tendulum, tendon driven pendulum.
=== Robotics Toolbox ===
* Ask [ Emanuel Todorov] to release under GPLv3 or equivalent.
* [ MPK] apparently is non-Free. Discussing.
=== Matgeom ===
Working on '''graphs''':
* Porting. <span style="color: green;">✔</span>
* Write demos.
Finish the port:
* polygons2d
* meshes
* polygons3d
* iscw and isccw
* cw2ccw and ccw2cw
=== Mechanics ===
* <del>clean up structure.</del>
* DMOC code generation.
* Improve verlet integrator. A odepkg compatible version?
=== TISEAN ===
* Start port of [ TISEAN].


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