Online Developer Meeting (2023-09-26)

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Today's topics[edit]

  • Releasing Octave 9
    • Merge default to stable in early November. OK with everyone? Yes
    • Any new features to add between now and feature freeze? None named
    • Major bugs to work out in the next month or two? Continue progress
    • Switch to Qt6 by default? (Some pressure starting from rolling release distributions.) Agreed, testing in progress
    • VM discussion in connection with Octave 9: Arun to add documentation on VM to Octave manual and the wiki
  • GSoC roundup, things learned.
    • GSoC was successful for both projects this year
    • Select only those applicants who have projects in mind already, they seem more motivated
    • Nicholas J will check with GSoC re payment schedules, to ensure we didn't miss any
  • November event
    • Rik will post a callout on Discourse

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