Online Developer Meeting (2023-01-24)

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Today's topics[edit]

  • Release candidate?
    • First RC released
    • Discussion about automating release process, which is currently manual and error-prone
    • Discussion about whether we can do continuous delivery: head of stable branch would be the released version. No decision yet.
    • jwe will announce the availability of the first release candidate with a new thread on the Discourse forum.
  • Eliminate doc/liboctave?
    • See thread on Discourse forum
    • Only 3400 lines, maybe 2700 lines without license text
    • JWE aims for the Doxygen to be stable and helpful, like the Qt docs
    • nrjank will look through files to list any with information worth retaining. That information should be moved to inline doxygen comments if it is useful.
  • Coding style changes
    • Discussion on where to add content from wiki. Converged to /etc/<something>. Maybe split the current file into multiple files for different categories (e.g., style, release process, ...).
    • C++: specify void or not. Converged to removing void in code that is not (extern) C.
    • C++: brace initialization lists
    • C++: default member initialization
    • C++: Rule of 3 / Rule of 5, move constructors, move operators, etc
  • GSOC 2023 timeline
    • Org applications: Jan 23-Feb 7, notified Feb 21 (reapply supposed to be 'easy')
    • Contributor proposals: Mar 20-Apr 4, Rankings due 4/27, Selections announced May 4
    • nrjank will go ahead with preapplication activities: solicit mentor interest from Octave devs, reach out to Nir re application mechanics
    • nrjank will also look into Google Season of Documentation (GSoD)

Previous topics[edit]

  • Octave 8.1 release activities
  • NumFOCUS activities:
    • Only pending item: project address
    • Collect remaining signatures if any
  • How to deal with the increased frequency of crashes involving the qt graphics toolkit?

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