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This is a collection of small projects to start contributing to Octave. Projects of long duration are listed in the Projects page.
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If you never contributed to Octave before, we suggest to start with our Developer FAQ.

Review and fix existing bugs[edit]

  • Review bugs that catch your interest on the Octave bug tracker on GNU Savannah.
    • A modern interface to the Octave bug tracker is given by SavannahAPI.
  • Discuss with the developers there how to fix that bug or upload a patch there.
  • Some bugs have already patches attached.
    • Help testing those patches.
    • Help updating outdated patches to the latest development version (this requires some Mercurial knowledge).

Implement missing Matlab functions[edit]

Use the Savannah patch tracker for submissions unrelated to an existing bug.

Write Built-In Self Tests (BISTs)[edit]

Writing BISTs improves Octave's regression testing and ensures that we don't break anything when we add new features.

Work on Octave packages[edit]

Easy Closes[edit]

Below is a non exhaustive list of bugs which should be looked at and appear to be easy Status (working from oldest stopped at 51317 aka items 1001-1050) Notes:

  • From this range ~5% could be closed
  • The last full scrub came from hardy for v4.2
  • Suspect many of the plotting and java bugs could be closed.
bug bug title status
#36954 datenum / datevec convert date-time string incorrectly during hour lost to DST siko1056 suggests closing as won't fix. philipnienhuis changed to Postponed and expresses interest in revisiting.
#40357 OOM when converting from sparse double to sparse logical hardy thinks this might be a DUPLICATE, nrjank changed to Need Info, needs better test to determine if the OOM comes from known sparse indexing issue or something else.
#43717 rats LEN Matlab incompatibility riks states wouldn't bother to fix this as Octave's solution seems better, but points out that default length has changed and Octave should perhaps follow that change.
#45404 Breakpoints cannot be set in classdef methods or +package function files package part fixed. classdef part remains. jwe suggest closing either this or #46451 and tracking classdef on the one that remains, or close both and make a new report. changed to Need Info for someone familiar to decide what would be best for tracking the issue after 2 yrs of dormancy.
#48088 document that issquare, iscolumn, isempty, etc operate on cell arrays documentation patch candidate submitted and needs review.
#49091 MinGW std::acosh less accurate than Linux versions rik5 states This and #48312 were supposed to be closed at the same time. mmuetzel notes that these tests are still failing on windows and should remain open.
#49360 odeset lacks documentation for solver options Needs someone to review and make a to-do list.
#54679 datenum accepts a matrix, which is undocumented apjanke provided a patch. patch updated to current default tip and nrjank suggests ready to push.
#55065 Implement uiopen and uisave rik states they would be easy to implement
#58530 missing functions: xline() and yline() rik states I can dust them off and add them to Octave - updated unimplemented_functions list but has postponed attention until after v7.1.

The equivalent suggestions for patches.

patch patch title status
#7537 Handle matlab way to store cell arrays in hdf5 files. nrjank states otherwise close bug as a 'won't fix'
#9693 [octave forge] (signal) sos2ss: new function mtmiller states on 2018.09.26 feel free to ping or push if it gets to be the end of October

A list of patch reports with attachments not marked "Done or Cancelled" can be viewed in the SavannaAPI, sorted by oldest first or sorted by "longest since last comment" first. While some of these older submissions may still be viable and just need a patch refresh to the current code base, many will have become out of date or rendered inapplicable due to code or function changes, and could be closed as 'Wont Fix'.

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