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Use a single {{codeline|#}} for inline comments.  Use double {{codeline|##}}
Use a single {{codeline|#}} for inline comments.  Use double {{codeline|##}}
for block comments.
for block comments.
Comments that start with a single sharp-sign, {{codeline|#}}, are used to explain
the code on the same line as the comment itself.  These comments should
all be aligned to the same column to the right of the source code.  In
the Emacs mode for Octave, the {{codeline|M-;}} (@code{indent-for-comment})
command automatically inserts such a {{codeline|#}} in the right place, or
aligns such a comment if it is already present.  Example:
C = 2 * pi * r;    # formula for circumference of a circle
Comments that start with a double sharp-sign, {{codeline|##}}, are stand-alone
comments that occupy an entire line.  These comments should be aligned to
the same level of indentation as the code.  Such comments usually
describe the purpose of the following lines or the state of the program
at that point.  Example:
## Calculate area and volume of a sphere
A = 4 * pi * r^2;
V = 4/3 * pi * r^3;
=== Commenting out code ===
=== Commenting out code ===

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