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To simply install the latest stable release of GNU Octave on Arch Linux, just execute (as root):

pacman -S octave

Using AUR, one can install a development version of Octave, for example octave-hg. If you encounter any problems during the build process, some problems and solutions are listed in the comments on AUR. New dependencies are easy to extract from the PKGBUILD.

Building Octave[edit]

For general build instructions, see Building.

To install the Octave build dependencies on Arch Linux, just execute (as root):

pacman -S --needed base-devel pcre mercurial gcc-fortran gperf perl rsync transfig arpack curl fftw fltk glpk glu graphicsmagick hdf5 java-environment qhull qscintilla-qt5 texinfo gnuplot llvm texlive-bin icoutils gl2ps qrupdate epstool

If you wish to build the Octave documentation, install the following packets too:

pacman -S graphviz doxygen

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