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  • Rename core dump to workspace save. How about octave-workspace-YY-MM-DD-HH:MM:SS? (jwe)
  • Enable warnings locally? What does this mean? (jwe)
  • More demos in documentation (code sprint?). Copy @example into demo blocks and some %!test blocks into the documentation?
  • More help on readline
  • Storage of debug control in the terminal (anything to do there or just use history_control)? GUI doesn't store them.
  • How to clear functions defined in the interpreter (or script file)? (jwe)
  • Add to the wiki short itemized list of steps and tools for debugging Octave (gdb,emacs, anjuta?, ddd?).
  • Extend 'which' to return the location in C++ src files for built-in functions (See partial implementation for *.texi files) (jwe)
  • Move non-DLD functions out of DLD-FUNCTIONS directory. Change to DEFUN blocks and move to new directory
  • Change comment string in DEFUN blocks from double-quoted string to C++ comment string to get rid of excessive backslashing. (jwe, Rik?)
  • Audit FIXMEs in code?