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== [[:Category:Releases|Release]] process ==
== [[:Category:Releases|Release]] process ==
{{Note|The '''GNU Octave 6.1''' release process has been started. See the [[6.1 Release Checklist]] for more information.}}
{{Note|The '''GNU Octave 6.1''' release process has been started.<br>See the '''[[6.1 Release Checklist]]''' for more information.}}
* [[Release Checklist|Release Checklist template]]
* [[Release Checklist|Release Checklist template]]

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This page contains links to pages of interest to developers.

Getting started

Release process

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The GNU Octave 6.1 release process has been started.
See the 6.1 Release Checklist for more information.

Project ideas and work in progess

Tools & techniques

  • Mercurial -- Version control scheme.
  • MXE -- Cross-compiling to Windows.
  • gdb -- debugger. Useful to obtain stack traces.
  • valgrind -- memory leak detector, profiler etc.
  • ccache -- cache compilation across builds.
  • Editors -- A list of editors supporting Octave syntax highlighting.




Packaging -- Building binary distributions

Code sprints