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.octaverc File

The .octaverc file is the octave startup file for Linux. It has basically the same role as startup.m in Matlab. Many basic settings can be put here. Some examples are given below.

  • edit mode async # make spawned processes run in background
  • EDITOR('gvim > /dev/tty 2>&1 < /dev/tty %s') # use gvim as the default editor
  • more off # scroll screen output automatically
  • history_control ("ignoredups"); # ignore duplicates in command history
  • crash_dumps_octave_core(0); # never dump octave-core
  • sigterm_dumps_octave_core(0);
  • sighup_dumps_octave_core(0);
  • set(0,'defaultfigurecolormap',gray(256)); # set colormap to gray(256)
  • suppress_verbose_help_message(1); # use concise form for help
  • warning("off","Octave:divide-by-zero"); # disable unwanted warning messages